This is the overview of your business.

Upon signing up/signing in, you will be redirected to this page. Here you will see the general overview of your business.

If you have not created a client, you will see a notification allowing you to create a client and track things like quotations, invoices, outstanding payments etc. Click here to view the process to create a client.

Invoices: This shows the total outstanding amount for invoices.

Quotations: This shows the total value of the quotations you've sent to clients.

Payments:  This shows the total amount of payments captured in the past month.

Expenses: This shows the total expenses that you have accumulated in the past month.

Note: You can access the pages for each box by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of each box.

Underneath these boxes, you will find a graph that dictates your income and expenses in relation to one another.

Next to that, you will see a graph that denotes your company's performance for the current year, it shows a bar graph where you can see the relationship between your company's payments and expenses.

On the left, you will encounter the Navigation Bar, these navigate you to the pages where you will perform your accounting.